The Love Parade NYC is a peace and unity march, combining random acts of kindness with activism.

We give flowers as gifts and share smiles. Creating a small change of heart, that will ripple effect into the community.


Thank you to the 800+ people who participated in the 2017 Love Parade NYC on April 30th! 

We are continuing to take an action of compassion through workshops that combine expert knowledge of the issues with mindfulness techniques to emotionally process the information, empowering an action of compassion to better our world. 



For the first time in history,

Humanity has access to knowledge and technology like never before. And yet, the world seems to be worse off than ever. We are in a state of distress, and despite the wealth of resources available there is a disconnect on how we use them to solve our problems.


Imagine if we could leverage the

power of human connection

to change the world one mind at a time. 

The Love Parade NYC celebrates compassion in the present moment. Before we can engage in conversation to address today’s political, environmental, economical, and social issues, we must first remember we are all one species with one common goal.

The Love Parade NYC increases human connection by offering an experience of compassion through gift giving and celebration.


Expressed through beauty, artistry, and play,

The parade encourages participants to open their hearts in an emotional call for unity. People attend dressed in eye-catching, playful costumes or in their team color, walking with signs, pets, streamers, and instruments.

The Love Parade NYC will surprise city dwellers in their daily routine, inviting them to step outside their comfort zones with artistry and wonder through the gift of flowers. The kinesthetic experience of


gift giving and celebration empowers each person,

both giving and receiving, to engage in random acts of kindness, creating ripples of positive, generative change. The Love Parade NYC builds bridges and opens the heart.


When you open the heart,

the brain will soon follow.


Love Parade NYC (3).png

About the Love Parade NYC event & Choose Love Now Organization:

Love Parade NYC launched in April 2015 where 200 participants paraded through the streets passing out flowers, cookies, and love notes while dressed in costume. Participants made new connections with anyone who crossed the parade’s path giving out flowers and sharing kind thoughts. This grassroots event had overwhelming support from the community with over 30 volunteers and crowdfunded $2K+ in donations in less than a month’s planning time. 

We are continuing to use kindness as activism in 2017 with the 2nd Love Parade NYC event and Choose Love Now workshops summer series starting in May.