Thank you to the 800+ people that joined us for the 2017 Love Parade NYC



Union Square NYC, North Plaza



Rally: 1-3pm

March 3-5pm

Party: 6pm to 12am


What to Bring: 
Flowers to give out to “new friends” on the street!
Bring your children & pets!

What to Wear:
Playful & Fun


Details for the Day:

Rally: Union Square, NYC from 1-3pm for meditation and inspiration from guest speakers. 

March: Walking west on 14th Street to Highline Park. We give flowers as gifts and share smiles to create a small change of heart that will have a ripple effect into our cherished community.

Party: Take the "L"OVE Train to House of Yes (8th Ave to the Jefferson Stop on the L Train) Details coming soon. 

Workshops: Learn more about Choose Love Now workshops that combine education with mindfulness to empower direct action. Summer series starting in May.